About Enelek™

Enelek Core Team consists of Nikhil Jain & Sumit Chhazed from diversified disciplines of engineering & technology.

Enelek Power envisions a future where renewable energy can compete with traditional fossil fuels as an economically viable source of power. The social consciousness and global demand for clean energy is already increasing at a swift pace.  

Enelek designs, manufactures and install solar thermal heating & power systems, customized for specific applications (domestic to commercial), and believes in achieving cost efficiency by leveraging its cutting-edge research, providing implementation expertise, financial syndication, and contract negotiation consultancy to corporate clients and governments.  

The company has developed innovative i-DTFC solution that is currently targeting pharmaceuticals, textile, food and beverages sectors for pre-heating of boilers and aimed at providing a cost-effective and reliable solution in space of solar thermal applications.